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 In recent months, the NLPA has participated in many successful events including trade shows, open houses, seminars, and educational activities.  We are pleased to list the following events we  will be supporting or participating in over the upcoming few months.
For more information regarding the time and place of these events, please follow  the appropriate links. If you have any questions or concerns, please  Contact Us.

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Prospecting 2023

NLPA Notice-

Public Engagement to begin on
10 Proposed Protected Areas on the Island-
Starting with the Proposed Indian Arm 
Brook Protected Area in Central Newfoundland

Seeking Membership Feedback!

To All NLPA Members –

The Wilderness and Ecological Reserves Advisory Council (WERAC) is proceeding with engagement on

 10 proposed new protected areas in collaboration with the Department of Environment and Climate Change.

The sites include a publicly-proposed site, Indian Arm Brook, and nine proposed protected areas described in the

Protected Areas Plan for the Island of Newfoundland. Click here to read the official News Release.

Many of these areas are either completely staked for prospecting and mineral exploration or partially staked right now.

 Please see map below:


Our Association's view is calling for Multiple Land Use and for the people and the Provincial Government to say No to WERAC

 and their plan to remove more areas from prospecting and mineral exploration. Specifically, at this time,

 the Indian Arm Brook proposed Provisional Protected Area.

The NLPA is encouraging all members to complete the survey questionnaire
and to engage either virtually or in person re these

 Public Consultations. Please click here to fill out the questionnaire. You will be required to log in or register an account to complete

 the questionnaire.

This questionnaire can be completed in less than 5 minutes and provides WERAC with valuable information about what you would like

 to see for the future of Indian Arm Brook. The questionnaire will be available until November 8, 2023.

  Engagement session dates and an overview of the proposed plan can be accessed by clicking here.

We all have to work together in balancing environmental sustainability and activities that can lead to significant economic opportunity

for rural and urban communities, and the people who call these many places Home.

Please take the time to complete the questionnaire and have your say.

All the best,




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