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Over the past couple of months, your Association has been working on a New Mentorship Initiative which has been requested by a number of members in several regions of the province.

A number of experienced Prospectors and Mineral Exploration Geologists responded to our Call and are offering their vast experience, knowledge and skill sets to other members of the Association.

The New Mentorship Initiative is on a Strictly Confidential Basis and all experienced members who have agreed to act as Mentors with the Association have agreed to this going forward!

Personal Contact Information and Brief Summaries of Experience on each Mentor will be posted on the Website, and as new Mentors step forward to volunteer, they too will be added!

Please take the Opportunity to contact either of the Mentors listed below, as they are quite interested in assisting you with your Prospecting Activities in the Province!


Our Mentors:

Sherry Dunsworth of Pasadena, NL

    • Graduate B.Sc.-Honours (1979), St. Mary’s Univ. & M.Sc.-Earth Sciences (1989), MUN
    • Professional geologist (P.Geo.) with over 40 years of prospecting, structural mapping, project generation & management and mineral resource development
    • Former Senior V.P. Exploration for the past Marathon Gold Corporation – Valentine Lake Project (retired 2020)
    • Co-recipient of the 2021 PDAC – Bill Dennis Award & Honorary Member of the CIM-NL Branch
    • Currently active with part time geological consulting and co-owner of Meyer’s Minerals

Peter Dimmell of St. John's

    • Prospecting geologist
    • President of an active local junior exploration company
    • Has a wide variety of geological, mining, mineral exploration, prospecting and managerial experience
    • He is a Past President of the National PDAC.


  • Jason Flight of Baie Verte
    • Professional Geologist and Genuine Prospector with 6 years industry experience in combined exploration and mining.
    • Currently Employed as a Mine and Exploration Geologist working with Rambler Metals and Mining.
    • Familiar with a variety of mineral deposits and exploration techniques.
    • I am very appreciative of all the great work prospectors do, and understand that this work is responsible for generating many jobs in the natural resource sector (myself included) and appreciate the opportunity to assist them in any way I can.


  • Wayde Guinchard of St. John's
    • Active prospector
    • With over 30 years’ experience in the banking sector
    • Has a wide variety of managerial and financial experience
    • With knowledge in marketing and promotion of mineral properties
    • The structuring of private prospecting companies.


  • Jim Harris of Bay Roberts
    • Graduated from MUN in 1977 with a BSc
    • Have worked as a geologist since giving me over 38 years of experience
    • I have mostly worked on the island of Newfoundland but have had jobs in Labrador, Quebec and the NWT.
    • I have experience with all types of exploration
    • I spent  5  years as a mine geologist at Hope Brook.


  • Norm Mercer of Mount Pearl
    • Active prospector
    • Former Provincial Government geologist
    • Has a variety of geological and mineral exploration, prospecting experience
    • Along with knowledge of promotion and public awareness.
    • Current President of NLPA


  • Len Muise of Gambo
    • Experienced Prospector and Senior Executive Manager
    • Part Owner of several Private NL Junior Mineral Exploration Companies
    • Wide array of knowledge in structuring Private Mineral Exploration Companies, Prospector Training Programs, Variety of Mineral Deposits and in planning and conducting Mineral Exploration and Prospecting Programs


  • Kevin Ryan of Mount Pearl
    • Co-founder of a NL Private Junior Exploration Company with experience in company start-ups, structuring, and executive management
    • NL Mineral Properties Promoter and Transactional Agreements Facilitator services provided as a sole proprietor
    • Field Exploration Logistics Coordinator
    • Genuine Prospector
    • Co-Founder NLPA


  • Andy Thomas of CBS
    • Prospector and former Provincial Government, Labrador Mapping Geologist
    • With many years of experience with the Labrador Mapping Section with the NL Geological Survey out of St. John's, NL.
    • Extensive Experience in the Field and with Office Geoscience Report Writing and Map Preparation
    • Has worked with several Junior Mineral Exploration Companies in Labrador as a Senior Project Geologist.
    • Has significant knowledge of a variety of Mineral Deposits associated with Intrusive and High Grade Metamorphic Rocks in Labrador.



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